artist statement

In my work I combine different media such as painting, photography and performance. Painting runs through my practice like a red thread, connecting the dots between the different media such as photography, drawing, performance. Often it evolves into life size built up sets and scenes.
My body is my playground as my most available object and subject at the same time. I put my bodily experiences into images: the sensation of my skin, legs, arms, ears, belly, breasts, voice, feeling the waters inside, imagining the blood. I am inspired by films, their lighting, set up of scenes and modelling of characters. I use masks and costumes. When I put on a costume I realize I become somebody that I may always have been; calm and serene or powerful and fearless. From Wonderwoman to pink Teddybear outfit, is this my true self now? What is the true self anyway and who is to decide?
My images show unsettling situations, at times grotesk, ridiculous, awkward to look at, or pleasing and luring. Painted and built low-fi stage sets evolve for rising figures and characters. Bodies, faces and scenes are pulling you into their own reality. By making an image, video, performance or photo I can touch specific sensations and ask questions by picturing them, feeling also the body of paint, tasting the fluid colours, stroking the surface of the canvas, being live in time and space with a heartbeat, being flooded in streetlights to create a new body, that lives in the materiality of painting, photography, performance in the same time and space as your own fragile and endless appearance does. I enter a different universe, a reality on its own – and I am the princess of this universe.


Einzelausstellungen (Auswahl)

Werkschau – Malerei, Fotografie, Objekt, Blond & Blond Contemporary, Berlin
Die Objektfrau – Bigger than me, Hilbertraum, Berlin

The Edge of Dusk, DEW21, Dortmund

Lechts und Rinks, Examenspräsentation, Wandelbar, Essen

Gruppenausstellungen (Auswahl)

Show & Tell, Performing Arts Festival, Berlin

Artspring, Berlin
Urlaub in Berlin, Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin
Out of Off, Spoiler, Berlin
»PEACE – dont make me laugh // You A Two Minute Brother« Spor Klübü Berlin

Lange Nacht der Gerichtshöfe, Berlin
Berlin Inc, eingeladen von Hugo Mayer, Berlin

Persistent states, poached eggs, part two, invited by Vera Kox, Saarländische Galerie, Berlin
LA Videofestival, LARRY, Berlin

Das menschliche Leben beginnt jenseits der Verzweiflung, Blond & Blond Contemporary, Berlin
Früher oder Später, Hilbertraum, Berlin

Et Tu, Art Brute?, AEG Underground Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York (USA)
Femfest, Sweet Art, London (UK)

Identity theft, Mimmo Scognamiglio, Mailand, Italien
Junge Kunst 2010, Galerie Schlassgoart, Luxemburg



Goldsmiths College, London, UK, Art Practice / Fine Arts, MFA Degree in Art Practice / Fine Art

Universität Duisburg Essen, Kunst und Philosophie, Schülerin in Malerei  von Prof. Jörg Eberhard, 1.Staatsexamen

Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Kunstgeschichte und Philosophie, Vordiplom

Preise / Förderungen

Konzeptionsförderung Theaterarbeit, Samaldo Tamatues Horseproduction durch das Kulturamt Münster

Förderung des Theaterstücks »Du hast Zucker, Junge!«, in Zusammenarbeit mit Ralf Haarmann, Theater Pumpenhaus Münster

Förderfläche, Kunst braucht Fläche, Kunst im Außenraum, Berlin

Förderkoje auf der C.A.R. contemporary art ruhr, Essen

Preisträger des interdisziplinären Realisierungswettbewerbs »operare11«, Zeitgenössische Oper Berlin, Zusammenarbeit mit Klaudia Stoll und Klaus Schöpp, Modern Art Ensemble Berlin

Wardens Purchase Prize, Goldsmiths College, London

Jahresstipendium des Deutschen Akademischen Austauschdienstes (DAAD) für Großbritannien

Jahresstipendium der Hartmut und Lore Schuler Stiftung Wuppertal für den Studienaufenthalt in Großbritannien

1. Preisträgerin des DEW21 Kunstpreises, Dortmund